I think it’s really hard to ‘introduce yourself’ to something, a world, you have been long gone from purposefully. I actually used to be a semi-succesful blogger ‘way’ back when blogging began and it was one of the biggest, most meaningful ways to communicate ideas and stories to the world. Of course, that was really only a few years ago. In that time, the ways to tell a story have exploded. But I found myself struggling to really understand what I wanted to do with my writing, so I semi-retired.

In that time, I did hard and good things for my life. I’m still doing them. Things like raising my kids, getting better from really awful illnesses, learning about my mental health, and becoming an adult in my marriage. I learned how to stop starving myself. I learned how to sleep. I learned how to say no. I learned how to ask for help and how to apologize. I learned that sometimes I am too weak, too tired to be everything for everyone else. I learned how to write again.

Our family has gone through a lot. We moved across the country. We’ve had some really hard, poor times where we did things like sell every dvd we owned to pay all for food some months to make sure that our paychecks and money covered all our bills. Because, ya know, being millennials. We’ve had some really good times were we stood at the edge of the ocean together or sang Happy Birthday to my om in a new home. We’ve stood up to transphobia, ableism, and social discrimination together. We’ve helped the kids through really hard and dangerous illnesses. We’ve learned to all like each other, not just love each other.

I think all of this helped me to shed a really hardened me that I held onto for a really log time. I have become more sensitive but stronger. I hope, as I have grown up and slowly learned to love my writing again in these few years, that I have become a better listener and more empathetic. It has all opened me up to sharing again and I am excited about that. I am not perfect.

I still love a good book and a great blog. I think a lot of people still do, and I think most people love to know about creation of stories. So, I thought I would take everyone on a much different journey. Right now, I’m working on two books and I’d love to tell stories about me, about the books, mental health, and about the process of writing. I will also have a tumblr devoted to a different side of me, my instagram, and a facebook page. It’s going to be a constant work and it’s work I have finally learned to not just love, but be totally honest with myself.

I really hope we all love each other.


Georgia Rose

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  1. Great introduction! I wish you every success!

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